The Goričko Nature Park public institute devotes part of its activities to the application and implementation of projects launched by various EU assistance programs. These include projects aimed at improving the protection status of species and habitats, raising the awareness of residents and visitors about the importance of nature protection and conservation of cultural heritage, and developing sustainable forms of tourism, agriculture and economic activity.

LIFE NATURAVIVA (2017- 2022)

Biodiversity in Slovenia is on the highest levels of Europe, but due to the low recognition it is not valued enough. ...

Gorička krajina (2017-2021)

Nature conservation project whose main objective is to improve the live conditions for ten Natura 2000 species and to...

DaRe to Connect (2018 - 2021)

D2CDaRe to Connect - Supporting Danube Region’s ecological Connectivity by linking Natura 2000 areas along the Green ...

321 go (2016-2019)

  The three castles Tabor, Grad and Murska Sobota are in the rural region of the adjacent border regions Jennersdorf...



Iščemo NAJ travniški sadovnjak

v Krajinskem parku Goričko 2020