Building heritage

Traces of residence in the Goričko region are known from prehistoric times of the antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. In the 9th century Slavic ancestors prevailed under the rule of the prince of Pribin and prince Kocelj. Around year 900, development of the area was suppressed by the Hungarians and their invasions that formed so called »border belt«. The re-colonization took place from the end of the 11th to the 14th centuries. During this time the oldest cultural monuments were created. Various historical events from the creation of the oldest cultural monuments we can find in churches, memorials, mills, villas, homesteads ... waiting for visitors to find them in the mosaic landscape of Goričko. They hide mysterious stories of humble people and tell about the close connection between nature and humans.

Churches and chapels

A small cemetery church of Sv. Martin in Domanjševci is considered to be the oldest preserved sacral monument in Prek...


Memorials as a reminder of historical events.