Natura 2000

Nature 2000 is a network of nature protected areas, declared in all countries of European union with purpose of nature protection. Network is based on Birds directive and Habitats directive. They define that each country in EU must select areas for protection of important EU species and habitats. In Natura 2000 Goričko area, according to Birds directive we are protecting 14 species of birds. According to Habitats directive we are protecting one plant species, 24 species of animals and seven types of habitats. In Slovenia the Nature 2000 protected areas have been declared in 2004, when Slovenia entered in EU.

More about Nature 2000 protected areas in Slovenia you can learn on this site
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Protected bird species

Goričko Natura 2000 area is designated for 14 bird species. 

Protected plant species

Eleocharis carniolica is the only protected plant species in Goričko Natura 2000 area. 



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