Species-rich meadows, borders and forests are home to over hundred species of butterflies and over thousand species of moths. Butterflies tend to be more vibrant in colour and patterns and are well known. Common brimstone, whites and ringlets are also frequent visitors to our gardens. Moths are much less known and studied, even though they are much more diverse and numerous.
Diversity of species of butterflies and their distribution were researched within the project Landscape in harmony on both sides of the border, both in Goričko Nature Park and National park Őrség. Atlas dnevnih metuljev / Nappali lepke atlasz / Butterfly atlas was published in Slovenian, Hungarian and English language, Öriszentpéter, 2012.


Goričko Nature park is home to a 100 butterfly species from 180 butterfly species living in Slovenia. 


In Slovenia more than 3400 species of moths lives. 

Scarce and dusky large blue

Sanguisorba-rich meadows in the Nature park Goričko together with Őrség area maintaing the largest continuous distr...

Marsh Fritillary

One of the most endangered butterflies lives on wet meadows.