Traditional crafts and activities

Humble humans of Goričko have been allways linked with nature and lived with it. Especially good were they at farming, agriculture, viticulture and fruit growing but big importance in their lives presented tradicional crafts and activities. Why may you ask? All of the product that they use and coulden̕ t produce themselves had to buy by the local craftsman. The most recognizable tradicional crafts are weaving, pottery, straw covering, blacksmith, licitar, millers trade and sadust. 

Today we still find a masters of tradicional crafts in the Goričko area, such as pottery, licitar, painted Easter egg so-called remenka, wich can be bought at workshops and fairs. The biggest fair event in Goričko is held at Grad castle. It is on the second Saturday in October and provides lots of hand made product of the handicraft and good culinary offer from Goričko. There is allways also a good cultural program in wich you can enjoy it.



Pottery is thought to be one of the oldest crafts. In the 18th Century the potters of the Dobrovnik and Bogojina pari...