The area of Goričko Nature Park boasts to have inhabitants such as otter, Eurasian hoopoe, Eurasian scoops owl, scarce large blue and dusky large blue. Streams and brooks of Goričko are also home to European crayfish (Astacus astacus), which is also known as noble crayfish. This is the largest species of crayfish living here, can grow up to 17 cm and is one of the indicators of preservation and cleanliness of waters.


Insects are among the most numerous groups of animals of Goričko, both in the number of individual specimens and in ...


Rivers and streams with natural banks are a habitat of some rare and endangered fish species. 

Amphibians and reptiles

Amphibians and reptiles are unfortunately often overlooked. Their role in nature is very important.


Goričko is home to 120 species of birds. Among them are some rare and endangered worldwide. In year 2014 after ten y...


More than 30 mammal species lives in Goričko. Most species abundant group are bats with 15 species. Hedgehog (Erinac...