Summer cinema

Seven months in the wild with brown bear families.


Summer outdoor cinema, documentary movie Terra (2015)

A 90 minute documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand & Michael Pitiot, produced by Hope Production represents a colorful tribute to the human race and it is clearly showing that we are still capable of changing our future, just by looking differently at life.


Ornithological Excursion Does the Woodlark still sing?

Sunday,  May 3rd 2020 at 9.00 Fokovci, start at Primary school Fokovci (Fokovci 32, 9208 Fokovci) More information: Gregor Domanjko (gregor.domanjko@goricko.info) In the heart of the Goričko Nature park we will see for yourˈself whether the woodlark is still singing. In the past woodlark was a common bird throught Goričko, but nowdays it is among the most rare and endangered species. The excursion is part of the Goričko Krajina project. With a little bit of luck other typical bird species like Hoopoe, the Green and the Grey-headed woodpecker, Yellowhammer, European stonechat and the common whitethroat will be heard or seen.  


Travelogue lecture ”Wild Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego”

Friday, 7. february 2020 at 18.00 Grad, Goričko Lecturer: Tomaž Koltai  Free of charge.    In the project Life Naturaviva we will start with the series of Travelgue lectures, which will occur each first friday in february, march, april and may. On the first lecture we will discover a vast Patagonia, a remote region of south Argentina and Chile, which attracts travellers and explorers from the whole world. Along an always windy Patagonia, also Tierra del Fuego and Iguazu falls will be presented. You are kindly invited. 


WWD 2020, World Wetland Day

  Sunday, February, 2nd 2020 “Life thrives in wetlands”International Board NAŠA MURA-UNSERE MUR invites you on guided Tour along the Mura River at the border Slovenia-Croatia. 9.30 beginning at Društveni dom, Ul. Ivana Grščića 5, 40317 Podturen10.00 start of 10 km hiking Registration fee: 7 EUR


Doors Open Day, Kančevci - Bats exhibition

Sunday, 2nd November 2019 from 10 am till 16 pm Former school in Kančevci, Kančevci 38, 9206 Križevci Info: Gregor Domanjko (gregor.domanjko@goricko.info)  Free entrance.  We kindly invite you to visit the first exhibition on bats in Slovenia - Living with bats. The exhibition is in english.  On the map.


Doors Open Day, Kančevci - Bats exhibition

Wendsday, 30th October 2019 from 10 am till 16 pm Former school in Kančevci, Kančevci 38, 9206 Križevci Info: Gregor Domanjko (gregor.domanjko@goricko.info)  Free entrance.  We kindly invite you to visit the first exhibition on bats in Slovenia - Living with bats. The exhibition is in english.  On the map.


Bazaar in the Castle

Saturday, 12th October 2019 from 10 am till 16 pm Grad Castle courtyard, Grad 191, 9264 Grad Free entrance.   Programme:  10.00 and 12.00 Guided tour throught exhibition "Invasive alien species - our undesirable neighbours" 10.30 Main programme - honourable speaker mag. Dejan Židan, National Parliament President of Republic Slovenia,            honoring of the Best meadow, Best orchard and Nature Guardians in Goričko 2019. 12.00 Childrens Theatre Play "Cinderella" 13.00 Music programme with Dorina Gujt and Boris. From 10 am till 16 pm wide selection of Goričko Nature Park Craftmans and Farmers products will be presented.  11.00 and 14.00 The Oli train will take the passengers on a free ride to The Vukanija adventure park in the Village Grad.  Bazaar in 2018.  (short film) Dear visitors of the Bazaar. Please notice that the traffic regime on the day of the event will be changed on the road LC 197201 Križarka–Grad. The traffic will run only in on one way from house number Vidonci 200 to the cemetery in Vidonci. To ensure the safety on the road, the parking will be possible on the left side of the road. The traffic will run on the right side of the road in line with traffic regulations.  On the partially roadblock there will be 5 security officers. Please follow their instructions. We kindly ask for your understanding and toreranc.


Borders separate. Nature unites!

Borders separate. Nature unites! 30 Years of Networking for Nature: The European Green Belt. Monday, September 9th, 2019 9:00 - 15:00, Grad Castle, Goričko Nature Park  Introductory greetings - Goričko Nature park director, Nemzeti Őrségi park Director, President of Slovenian Nature Parks Asossiation- Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning R Slovenia- Ministry of Foreign Affairs R Slovenia Uwe Riecken, BfN, Germany: Special case Green Belt Germany - political, practical and legal development. Introduction: Special case of the inner-German Iron Curtain How it all began: from the Death Zone to life line: the Green Belt Projects and cooperation Concrete projects (nature conservation and regional development) The Green Belt Germany becomes a national natural monument in Germany The Green Belt as a model for the DMZ in Korea Alois Lang, National Park Neusiedler See-Seewinkel, Austria: Opportunities for networking for nature and regional development in the future.  Communicating nature conservation issues based on Europe’s history Reaching more target groups and multipliers The challenge of the “invisibility” of the Green Belt How to achieve progress for economic development in (former) border areas Break Gregor Domanjko, Istvan Szentirmai, SI-HU: Goričko Nature Park/ NP Őrség: Dare to connect, Danube region program. Should we connect habitats cross border for endangered species? Conclusion and outlook. Registration: stanka.desnik@goricko.info  

Summer Cinema ”The Last Ice Hunters”

Summer cinema ”THE LAST ICE HUNTERS” On saturday 7th september 2019, there will be screening of slovenian documentary movie ”The Last Ice Hunters”. The movie tells a story about present generation and community of Inuit people in Greenland, which is rapidly changing due to globalisation and other factors. The cinema is organised by project LIFE Naturaviva.  Screening will start at 20.00 and its free to visit.  Welcome! THE LAST ICE HUNTERS (Official Trailer) from FilmIT on Vimeo.



Medena dežela, dokumentarni film

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