The White Cross
Along the Grad-Kruplivnik road stands a plague monument White Cross. Square floor plan with a house with shallow semicircular niches in a pyramid operating roof dates from the 17th or 18th centuries. In 1740 was Goričko region affected by plague, a disease that was incurable at that time and killed a lots of people. Plague monoment is standing on the barrow of the unknown time and It̕ s 1m high and 6 diameter large.

On the homestead on Hodos 83 is a typical Pannonian well with a wooden frame from which water can be left with a key - a key on which a vessel is hung. The well is from the 19th century. (Source:

The defence tower are remnants of the history ruling of the Hungarians. The 15-meter-high former defense tower in Hodoš and a brick guard tower in Krplivnik with a shooting and observation line to the top are waiting for visitors. The defense tower in Krplivnik is considered to be the only preserved brick building of this kind in the eastern part of Slovenia. (Source:

Near village Trdkova a pyramid-shaped landmark Tromejnik was erected in 1924 by tree countries Slovenia, Austria and Hungary. At Slovenian side we can see linden tree wich were planted at an international meeting in 1998. In 1993 a Slovenian coat of arms was installed. Access to so called Tromejnik is possible from all three countries. Geographical point is in (388 m) at the border of Slovenia, Austria and Hungary. Visitors as pedestrians and cyclists can reast and enjoy in the pleasant shade under the linden trees. From the nearest parking lot is a footpath wich leads along the educational forest path, which is a real enhancement especially during summer days.

Stratospheric memorial in Ženavlje is an art work from mirko Bratuša academic sculptor. It present a pleace where in 1934 Belgian scientists landed with a stratospheric balloon. Professor MAX Cosny and assistant van der Elste landed at August 18, white ther ballon. The landing is perpetuared in a literary work by Milan Vincetič in the tale of Sky over Ženavlje.

In 1737 in Village Dolnji Slaveči Miklos Küzmich was born. The first Catholic writer from Prekmurje (Hungarian Küzmics Miklós). He was a Roman Catholic priest and writer of Book of prayer and Bible translator, national awakener and dean. He was ordained as priest around year 1763. At first he was a chaplain at the Castle, after that he worked in Kančevci. On April 11, 1804 he died in Kančevci where he was a pastor. Writer of seven books that have been used in church and school; most important of all works is his Alphabet. With his books, he encouraged the national consciousness of the Prekmurje and language. He wasn ̕ t related to Stefan Küzmich an evangelical pastor in Somogy County (Hungary) born around 1723 in Prekmurje.
The renovated house in the Dolnji Slavechi has a private chapel with a memorial plaque on the wall, erected by priests of the Slovene community of 250th anniversary of Miklos Küzmichs birth.
His work further disseminated Jožef Košič and reissued Jožef Sakovič. His most important works are:
Krátká Šumma Velikoga Katekizmusa, Sopron 1780,
Svéti evangeliomi, za nedele i svétke celoga lete, 1780,
Slovenski Šilabikar, 1780,Pomouč Beté´snih, Mirajoučih, 1781,
Kniga Molitvena, na hasek Slovénskegá národá, 1783,
ABC Kni´sica na narodni šoul hasek, Büdin 1790,
Stárogá i nouvogá Teštamentumé svéte histórie Kratke Šumma, Sombotel 1796.

Tombstone of Fran Ivanocy is at the cemetery in village Kančevci, work of famous architect Plečnik. The tombstone is in the form of an open portal with the inscription on the lintel. Franc Ivanoczy who in the 1857 -1913 awakened and defended his nation was born in 1857 in Ivanovci. After graduating from elementary school and high school he studied theology in Budapest. Later he became a full professor of dramtics at Szombathely. In 1908 he became pastor in church Tišina. He distributed Mohors books and published the first calendar in the Prekmurje dialect.

Word Memorial Pomnik besedi at the Vlaj homestead in Bodonci is erected memorial plaque in memory of the first evangelical worship service in Bodonci. The memorial is the work of Ignac Meden an academic artist, which will remind population of Goričko of achievements of ancestors of the ECO Bodonci. (SOURCE:

House of vet and youth , so called Dom borcev in mladine in Vaneča reveals to the visitors with the pictorial exhibition the history of the Prekmurje and the events of 1944. The second exhibition is about of the Independence War of 1991 in Prekmurje. You can also see audio video presentation white a title the Ring of Death by Franz Küzmich. For more information write to or call +386(0)25459670.