On October 9, 2003, Goričko became a protected nature area and since then is Goričko Nature/Landscape Park. In January 2004, the Goričko Nature Park Public Institution was established with its headquarters in Grad Castle, which it has been managing by the institute since 2005. The public institute employs experts whose main tasks are: care for the preservation of such land use, implementation of activities and interventions that protect natural values and biodiversity; maintaining the condition of the area, which ensures a favorable condition of endangered plant and animal species; conservation of the parks characteristic mosaic landscape and tasks that protect natural values and preserve biodiversity and landscape diversity and are in line with the parks management plan.


The Goričko Nature Park Public Institution is the manager of a protected nature area on the authority of the governm...


The Goričko Nature Park public institute devotes part of its activities to the application and implementation of pro...

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