Theme trail of flowering meadows in Budinci


Trail lenght:      4000 m       

moderate, sustainable for families

Time lenght:   2 h  
Starting point:    Parking lot near the border crossing Budinci-Andovci.  


In the north of Slovenia, among the most beautiful meadows in the Goričko Nature Park, there is a theme trail that takes visitors to the world of birds, butterflies, flowering plants, grasses, forests, orchards ... The trail starts at a parking lot, just before the border crossing with Hungary in the village Budinci. Part of the path leads along an asphalt road, which then turns onto a cart track and in the valley onto a path between meadows. Along the way, animal and plant species and various types of   are presented. Do you know how a woodlark sound? What about the Eurasian scops owl? Do you know what butterflies eat? What about their caterpillars? The answers to these questions the visitors can find at information boards along the way. The theme trail of flowering meadows in Budinci is perfect for enjoy nature, listening to birds, getting know the life of people in this part of Slovenia and admiring flowering dry, wet and extensive meadows.


 Follow the flower along the way.