ECO Farm Flisar-Gjergjek

  Korovci 28 9261 Cankova M: 040 550 373 (Boštjan)M: 040 850 624 (Danijela)E: W: ECO farm Flisar-Gjergjek manages 25 ha of field on which they cultivate mostly oil pumpking, buckwheat, clovers and cereals. They also breed pasture cattle and pigs. They offer organic made beef and pork meat, buckwheat and wheat flour, pumpkin oil and other products. In the year 2018 they also implemented the product from high trunk orchards in the form of apple juice and vinegar, pear jam and also grape jam. 

Farm Zavec

Franc Zavec Gornji Slaveči 679263 Kuzma M: 041 722 643E: The Farm Zavec is producing dairy products from cow milk, which include yoghurts, cheese, BBQ cheese, curd and others ones. 

Farm Vlaj

  Vlado Vlaj  Bodonci 102 9265 Bodonci M: +386 (0)31 317 953 E: W:  The Farm Vlaj is located in Bodonci where plains and hills of Goričko meet. Farms primary activity if cultivation and proccesing of pumpkins. Among products there are pumpkin seed oil, roasted pumpkin seeds and also walnut oil. These products are also wrapped in gift forms and represent great gifts for friends or business partners. The content of the gifts is adjustible. The pumpkin seed oil from Farm Vlaj is among best ones in Slovenia. It received several awards and has been on every continent of the planet.   

Farm Camplin

Bogojina 107 9222 Bogojina  M: 041 673 032  W:   The Farm Camplin is medium-sized farm, primarly focused in agriculture and viticulture. They cultivate mostly oil pumpkins for further processing them into pumpkin seed oil. On the farm they sell pumpkin seed oil, vine and potatoes. The oil was awarded several times. 

Cheese dairy ”Gorički raj ”

Cheese dairy "Gorički raj", d.o.o. Ratkovci 20 a9207 Prosenjakovci In the july of 2010 oppened its doors the first cheese dairy on Goričko. It was in the Ratkovci village and the purpose of it was to promote the lifestock farms and tradition with feeding of lifestock with dry hay. The mission was implemented during project Krajina v harmoniji (Landscape in Harmony) and the main goal of it was to protect the rich meadows for declining butterfly and other pollinators populations. The milk from goats and sheeps and cows is processed in the equipment from the Nature Park Goričko.  The consumers of products are helping the farmers and ladscape to stay extensively cultivated.  Beside cheeses, there are also other products like yoghurts, curd, albumin curd, soft cheeses and others. 

Pumpkin seed oil Karolyi

Karel Karolyi  Šalovci 999204 Šalovci  M: 041 863 041 E: The family farm Karolyi offers 100% pumpkin seed oil, processed from fields in Šalovci, northeastern park of Goričko. On the farm there are all stages of making the oil. Planting, harvesting, collecting, washing and compressing it.  The presentation is available on video:  

Farm Turman

  Marijan Ficko Večeslavci 44 9262 Rogašovci  T: 02 557 17 18 M: 040 486 302 E: F:  The Farm Turman is known for cultivating and processing vegetables. They offer a wide sortiment of products made from vegetables such as sur cabbage, turnip, salats, fruits, jams, pumpkin seed oil and fruit liquers. Each year they organize so called ”Mosaic of Goričko products”, together with other local farms. The products can be bought in their store. 

Home bakery Vidonja

Darinka Vidonja  Bodonci 9  9265 Bodonci   T: 02 549 12 03  M: 041 755 958  E:  Baking bread in the brad oven was sometimes work of every housewife in Goričko. On the farm Vidonja this tradition of baking bread continues.  The housewife Darinka Vidonja bakes bread and other bakery products in the traditional old bread oven. Bakery products can be bought in her store at home aor in fairs and markets. 

Drajč produkt

Andreja Dajč s.p. Sotina 16b9262 Rogašovci  T: 02 557 15 85 M: 041 915 961 E: W: F:Č-Produkt Family company Dajč pumpkin seed traditional oil production is dating back in 1853. The tradition, technology and equipment is getting better and better with each generation. Today you can purchase 100% pumpking seed oil here, but also several other products made from pumpkin seeds.  

Fruit growing Ficko

Martin Ficko s.p. Rogašovci 789262 Rogašovci E: info@sadjarstvo-ficko.siM:++386 41 792 328 (Martin)M:++386 41 713 450 (Brigita) The family Ficko are cultivating orchards on the western park of Goričko. In the orchards there are several fruit species. The homegrown fruits are procced into juices, jams, liquers and spirits. Their products received several awards for quality, the most known is their quince juice and jam. All the products you can buy or taste in their degustation store in Rogašovci.  

Fruit processing Gjergjek

Kovačevci 28    9264 GRAD      T: ++386 (0)2 551 81 09 M: ++ 386 (0)41 818 501E:

Fruit growing, beekeping and oil mill Štesl

Valerija in Ernest ŠteslGerlinci 4 9261 Cankova T: ++386 (0)2 540 12 44M:++386 (0)41 822 495    ++386 (0)31 515 165E: The Štesl family grows orchards, from which process and makes several fruit products. The most known are liqueurs and spirits. Family has also several beehives and sells honey and propolis. From the year 2010 there is also oil mill on the farm in which they make 100% pumpkin seed oil. 

Traditional bread baking by Ema Grah

Ema GrahMotovilci 299264 GradT: ++386 (0)2 553 11 10M: ++386 (0)31 211 003W: Ema Grah bakes several bread products and pastry. She sells them in her shop at home and also in shop Šklojca in Murska Sobota. 

ECO Farm Gorička ves

Gorička ves d.o.o.  Šalovci 3  9204 Šalovci    T: 02 5598110  M: 041 506 370  E:  W: On the farm they are cultivating, processing and selling several farm products, which are produced with ecological farming. These products include fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, seeds, oils, flours, groats, fruit juices, honey, animals and dried meat.  The farm is well known for industrial hemp production. More about their production is presented in the video.

Beekeeping Gomboc

Boris Gomboc  Cankova 85 Cankova T: +386 (0)2 540 10 60 M: +386 (0)41 720 083 E: Mr. Boris Gomboc offers floral, robinia and chestnut honeys from Goričko.  

Farm ”At Bagi”

Aleksander Bagar - Bagi Gornji Petrovci 569203 Petrovci  M: +386 041 330 913 W: E:  The farm is located at the regional road Murska Sobota - Hodoš in the village of Gornji Petrovci. On the Farm they are producing several fruit liqueurs and spirits, different kind of oils, apple vinegar and many other products, which you can check on the farm website. 

Spirits and liqueurs Toplak

Alojz Toplak Motovilci 5 9264 Grad  T: ++386 (0)2 553 11 60 M: ++386 (0)41 744 728 E:   Mr. Alojz Toplak produces quality spirits and liqueurs from fruits in his own orchards. Mr. Toplak distills plum, pear, cherry and peach and quince spirits and makes also plum, peach, currant and raspberry liqueurs. He makes also Goričko brandy. He sells products at home and in some small shops. 

Beekeeping Malačič

Janez MalačičKriževci 56/a 9206 Križevci v Prekmurju  T: 02 554 11 56 M: 041 340 408 E:  Mr. Janez Malačič produces several types of honey. Among them are floral, chestnuts, robinian and buckwheat honey. 

Beekeeping Zorjan

Stanko Zorjan  Dolenci 37 9204 Šalovci   T: 02 559 16 17 M: 041 269 543 E: Family Zorjan offers several types of honey and other different beekeping products. At their home in Dolenci, you can buy pure floral, robinian, chestnut and buckwheat honey, but also cream honey and honey with dry fruits, gift packages and candles form beewax. 

Beekeping Štefan Šipoš

Štefan Šipoš Krašči 37 9261 Cankova

Horseradish production by Štefan Gider

Štefan Gider  Pertoča 71 9262 Rogašovci   

Horseradish production by Jožef Kolar

Jožef Kolar Večeslavci 36  9262 Rogašovci 

Horseradish production by Melita Flisar

Melita Flisar Pertoča 101 9262 Rogašovci 

Horseradish production by Marijan Unger

Marijan Unger Ropoča 49 9262 Rogašovci