Positive effects of the project presented at the final conference of the project

09/10/2021 Results of the project were presented on final conference.

The fourth issue of the newsletter published

09/07/2021 The fourth issue of the newsletter is dedicated to presentation of meadow habitat types.

Five portraits

09/05/2021 After two years of filming, short video clips are finally finished.

Invitation to the final conference - Gorička krajina project

08/13/2021 Join us on Thursday September 9th for the final conference of the project.

Small gods on a special mission

07/24/ 2021 In 2021 eight Scops owls had a special assignment.

Does woodlark still sings in Stanjevci?

06/20/2021 Aim of the ornithological excursion through mosaic cultural landscape in Stanjevci was to observe typical farmland birds.

36 new hedgerows will improve habitat for Scops owl and bats

05/16/2021 Hedgerows have many important roles within the ecosystem.

New 40 solitary fruit trees

04/24/2021 Fourty new fruit trees planted for Scops owl.

At least one new high-trunk orchard in every other village in Goričko

04/09/ 2021 Every other village in Goričko is richer for at least one new high-trunk orchard

New a User-friendly website

01/21/2021 New improvements for user-friendlier website

Mysterious red beetles appeared in Goričko

01/15/2021 First habitat trees for cinnabar flat bark beetle marked with a special sign.

First high-trunk trees planted

11/25/2020 First high-.trunk fruit trees planted.

Bat numbers increase as a result of the good cooperation

11/13/2020 Good cooperation can lead to great success.

20 ha of new high-trunk orchards will be planted

09/18/2020 For a long-term habitat conservation 20 ha of new high-tree trunk orchards will be planted.

Second round of mowing in 2020 completed

08/31/2020 Meadows overgrown with invasive giant goldenrod will be mown 3 times. The second mow was just completed.

Bat exhibition is becoming increasingly popular

08/28/2020 A group of children visited the bat exhibition. They were impressed.

Habitat trees for the Scops owl marked with special signs

08/26/2020 Habitat trees for Scops owl are now marked with special signs.

New bat-friendly shutters installed in Markovci

8/13/2020 New bat-friendly shutters on the church in Markovci will enable greater mouse-eared bats to enter the roost.

Goričko most wanted: Scops owl

8/7/2020 The use of foraging habitats of Scops owl is determined by the use of GPS telemetry.

The beauty of meadow everyday will be caught on camera

8/4/2020 Biology and ecology of the target habitats and species will be caught in the camera.

Already 248 hunting poles installed for Scops owl

7/20/2020 More than a half of the hunting poles already installed.

Woodlark is still singing in Goričko

6/15/2020 The ornitological excursion with the aim to promote woodlark was carried out in Fokovci.

The positive effects of meadows restoration are already visible

5/22/2020 Positive effects of meadow restoration are already visible.

First survey on Cinnabar flat bark beetle

5/13/2020 First survey of Cinnabar flat bark beetle gave new information on its current distribution in Goričko.

Bat guano clean-ups were carried out in 4 churches

2/25/2020 Cleaning actions for long-term protection of bat roosts.

In 2019 we continued with the restoration of the cultural landscape in Goričko

01/17/2020 In year 2019 we continued with our endeavours for protection of mosaic cultural landscape and its inhabitants.

Habitat trees for Scops owl

1/16/2020 Long-term protection of nesting places for Scops owl.

Forty willow trees pruned for the hermit beetle

1/16/2020 Main protection measure for the hermit beetle is the pruning of the willow trees.

Bat exhibition opened in the autumn holidays

11/15/2019 Exhibition on bats opened doors.

First permanent exhibition on bats finally opened!

09/14/2019 The first permanent exhibiton on bats in Slovenia finally opened yesterday.

First project press conference

09/13/2019 First press conference with the presentation of the project activities was carried out in the Grad Castle.

Gorička krajina on international fair in Gornja Radgona

9/3/2019 Gorička krajina was present on 57th International Fair Of Agriculture And Food.

The beginning of the restoration of meadows within the Gorička krajina project

05/27/2019 We began with the restoration of the 106 ha of meadows.

Project Gorička krajina on International conference on grassland management

05/22/2019 Experiences of grassland management presented on international conference.

How many marsh fritillary butterflies are left in Goričko?

05/15/2019 Mark-release-recapture method was used to estimate the population size of the marsh fritillary in Goričko.

Woodlark still sings in Kančevci

04/29/2019 More than 40 participants joined the second ornitological guided tour.

First bat guano clean-up action

04/02/2019 First clean-up action of the bat guano was carried out. About 60 kg of bat guano was removed.

The first issue of our project newsletter is out now!

03/28/2019 Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter.

Public presentations of the project

03/19/2019 We carried out six public presentation of the project with an aim to raise awareness about the importance of nature friendlier land use.

Whats happening to the Scarce and Dusky large blue populations?

01/18/2019 Inventory of the habitats of the scarce and dusky large blue was carried out in the summer months of 2018.

New bat-friendly lights

12/20/2018 New bat-friendly lights were installed to replace old lights illuminating bat roosts.

Results of inventory of the hermit beetle in Goričko are known

12/05/2018 Hermit beetle is one of the most endangered beetles in Goričko due to its poor mobility and long life cycle.

Nursery roost of the lesser horseshoe bat saved

12/05/2018 In 2018 we took actions together with Kančevci Parish for a long-term preservation of the nursery roost of the lesser horseshoe bat.

New findings on woodlark

12/05/2018 Inventory of the woodlark brought some new and interesting findings.

Whats the condition of the meadows in Goričko?

12/05/2018 Before restoration experts examined meadows with an aim to determine habitat types.

Marsh fritillary highly endangered

12/05/2018 Marsh fritillary was found only on one location within Natura 2000 site Goričko.

In the dining room of the scops owl

07/25/2018 GPS telemetry was used to examine the use of the foraging habitats by scops owl.

Woodlark - new data for Goričko

07/24/2018 New findings on woodlark in Goričko are surprising even for experts.

Inventory of the potential roosts of the greater mouse-eared and bent-winged bat

07/18/2018 Twenty-four old buildings were examined as a potencial bat roosts.

First hunting poles installed for the scops owl

06/11/2018 First hunting poles were installed wo improve foraging conditions for scops owl.

Woodlark still sings in Dolenci

04/24/2018 First guided tour within the Gorička krajina project was carried last Sunday.

Public appeal for the tree pruning completed

03/21/2018 As of today we close the public appel for tree pruning sign-in.

Pruning of the high-trunk orchards has started

02/20/2018 Yesterday we started with the pruning of the 950 high-trunk trees in meadow orchards.