Natura 2000 plant species

We are protecting only one qualified plant species within the Natura 2000 site Goričko – Carniolian spikerush (Eleocharis carniolica). It is a relatively low (5-30 cm) perennial from the genus of spikerushes, which grows in tufts, without stolons. It thrives on wet and swampy meadows, in moist placed within forests and occasionally on the flooded areas along the brooks and rivers as a pioneering vegetation community.

Carniolian spikerush is very rare plant   B. Bakan

It is endemic in Central and Eastern Europe. In Slovenia it is rare and is listed on the The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species List as vulnerable species. Protecting it includes taking measures to converse adequate open living habitats for it, such as marshy grasslands and humid forests, and maintaining constant humidity and extensive management of ponds.