Very high habitat diversity is one of the main features of Goričko Nature Park. Meadows, fields, hedges, solitary trees, high-trunk orchards, vineyards and forest islands areas are rapidly exchanging in relatively small surface. This kind of habitat diversity is effect of rurality of area and Hungarian law of inheritance in the past history. According to this law, every inheritage was fragmented to equal parts among all inheritors. This is why parcel stucture in Goričko reflects high fragmentation and small parcel sizes. 

This fragmentation led to high biodiversity that we know today. Different habitats enable many niches for diverse wildlife species. Landscape and biotic diversity were thus the main reasons for establishment of Nature park Goričko. 


Forests cover over 45% of Goričko Nature Park surface. Forests are mostly of mixed type, with main sprecies like com...


Picturesque landscape of Goričko Nature Park is also complemented with fields. 

Meadows and hedges

Meadows and hedges are the most colorful habitats in Goričko Nature Park. 

High-trunk orchards

High-trunk orchards represents important heritage with great natural and cultural value. 


Surface waters, flowing streams and wetlands are important habitats. With easing the effects of climate change they w...