The identity of area is reflected in landscape, material goods and the way of life - in short, in the material and intangible cultural heritage. The heritage of our ancestors is most recognizable by sacral buildings, technical heritage and landmarks that have been erected in memory of extraordinary people and events. Humans, through their lifestyles, preserving heritage, traditions and creativity give a soul to this mosaic landscape. Goričko Nature Park offers visitors outstanding cultural heritage with architectural monuments, traditional handicrafts workshops and culinary heritage.

Cultural heritage is protected by law. Immovable cultural heritage is defined by Pravilnik o registru kulturne dediščine. Locations of cultural monuments and heritage can be found on Interactive map

History of Goričko

Throughout its history, the region of Goričko has been more or less overgrown with forests - therefore was never den...

Building heritage

Traces of residence in the Goričko region are known from prehistoric times of the antiquity and the Early Middle Age...

Traditional crafts and activities

Humble humans of Goričko have been allways linked with nature and lived with it. Especially good were they at farmin...