The magical experiences of Goričko Nature Park can be found on every corner of the Park. But the most pristine ones are surely hidden in the morning sounds of the singing birds, in the friendly talk with the kindly local, in the colorfullnes of the meadows, in the waving fields in the freshly summer breeze, in the overflying of the barn swallows, in the taste of apple from a century old high trunk orchard, in the invitation to taste the local homemade šunka (smoked and dried ham) and špricer (spritzer), in the babbling  of small creeks, in the scents of freshly homebaked bread and in the calmly sunset on the warm summer day. All this is Goričko. Our Goričko.

About Nature Park

Due to its exceptional landscape diversity and high biodiversity, on 9th October 2003 the Government of the Republic ...

Cuisine and accommodation

One day if not enough for exploring all of natural and cultural beauties of Goričko Nature park. We recommend you to...

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Goričko Nature Park is a great place to actively explore the connection between human and nature. With a bike or by ...



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24.10.- 30.11.2020