Scops Owl and Hermit Beetle Theme Trail in Nuskova

Trail lenght:


5 km


Time lenght:           2 h
Starting point:      Parking lot next to the Mineralwater-spring in Nuskova.


The Scops owl and hermit beetle Theme Trail in Nuskova starts in the parking lot, right next to the Mineralwater-spring. On the first information desk there is a map with marked Stations with interesting interpretive elements along the way. The main topics of the trail are the scops owl and the hermit beetle, which lives in the head willows. Along the way, visitors get to know the habitat of both animal species and the cultural landscape in the valley of the Ledava River with its characteristic head willows. They learn how mineral water is formed and with the help of skill challenges they overcome distances, as the hermit beetle does.

The Information’s on the Trail are in Slovenian and English language.

One of the stations offers a special challenge. Visitors with slackline equipment can mount it on ready-made posts (15 m).

     On the Way follow the owl.