Mills in Goričko

Frčkov mill in Gornji Slaveči 17 is a story mill with cylinder mechanism and millstone from year of 1862. In the mill is partially preserved oil mill. The mill was restored in 2005, but it doesnt work any more.

Časar mill in Berkovci 30 is the restored wooden storey mill from 1930. It houses a completaly preserved cylinder milling mechanism. Mill stands near by stream of Ratkovci. Particularly interesting are Franciss turbines and the powerful wood-fueled machine. Learn more about it online . The mill is operated by Zvonko Petje. He has the right to use the Collective trademark of Nature Park Goričko.

Putars mill is located in the village Dolnji Slaveči; once powered by water from the Lukaj stream. The mill dates from 1921 when it operated on a water wheel. Later the mill was modernized with electricity. Today the mill cylinder together with the oil extraction plant is well preserved, even that is no longer in use. The mill was renovated in 2009 by Grad municipalty . More about the mill ...

Mill Lenarčičev mlin in Neradnovci is the small mill located in the narrow valley of the Mala Krka, along with the Slovenian-Hungarian state border. Until recently Mr. Ludvik was grinding it there. He had been a miller from a young age. In the future his son Zdenko will take over his work. Today the mill grinds with a electricity but sometimes they use also water.
The Pojbič mill is located in the center of the village Neradnovci, along the Murska Sobota - Hodoš road. The mill and oil mill is owned by the Pojbič family. The millers heritage in Slovenia goes far back in history. Milling is one of the oldest crafts and also in Slovenia is the millers heritage very diverse. We know bypass mills with different drive modes, water or floating mills, such as in the Mura River and windmills.
The Pojbić mill was built in 1952. It was initially powered by wood gas and from 1967 by electric propulsion. Today the mill grinds buckwheat, corn, wheat, produces corn meal and buckwheat. An oil mill has been operating at the mill for 40 years, pumping pumpkin seed oil. Pumpkin oil has become a culinary specialty of the Prekmurje region and is indispensable in every restaurant and farm in Prekmurje All their product can be bought in the mill Pojbič . More information … (Source:

Visitors of the Nature Park Goričko can see the Žido-Lenaršič mill. It is in municipality of Šalovci which has the mill stone, roller mechanism and drive on the water wheel also a unique drive holc gas engine. It is the only such engine in Slovenia that still works. Upon agreement with the mill owner the visitors can experience it. Visitors can also buy flour, various cereals and some other crops. The oldest building in Šalovci is the Solar Mill from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. In Domanjševci there is also a mill with a mill wheel. More information...

Mill Dajč is located in Sotina. It all started in 1853, when entrepreneur Deutsch squeezed the first drops of home-made pumpkin oil from pumpkin seed through a linen cloth it is written on the website of the family operating the mill. The Dajč Mill on Sotina is a complex of a roller mill with a ground-floor saw mill, designed in L. It was built in 1924 west of the village. It functions as a mill and saw. More about the mill offer ...

Obal mill on Ledava is in the village of Pertoča. It is a rolling mill built in 1885 with a residential part under a common roof. Beside it stands a separate wooden building with a venetian saw and an outbuilding. The mill and the saw do not work and are classified as monuments of local importance. Once upon a time an electric turbine operated which supplied energy to the grid.