Brandy cooking

In the first half of the 19th century destillation of spirits (žganica, palinka) spread in Slovenia In Prekmurje people spirit distiling in autumn or winter when is no major farm work. Due to taxation in the first half of the 20th century, they secretly produced distilled spirits. The quality depends of the harvested and boiled fruits and the patience of distiller. The more fruit sugar, the greater the amount of produced distilled spirits. The most important preparation for cooking is a copper boiler and is of two parts: the bottom part and the cap. For Distillation can be use plums, wine, apples, pears, grapevines, cherries and other available fruits it is make distillaton of spirits. The first distillation that comes out of the boiler is the so-called plaviš, đarkan, đarkenj,ficko, cik. etc.; second distilled spirits is so-called palinka, schnops, žganica; last is so-called najga, plaviš, prunt. The distilled spirits were at every house manly for drinking, but also as medice or. at Goričko so-called; vrastvo.