Covering with straw

In the past, houses in Goričko were usually covered with rye straw or thatch; they effectively protected homes for up to 25 years. Straw roofing is an activity that needs attention throughout the year. The long straw of the rye straw is the best for roofing. Dried rejuvenated and stored is prepered for thatch roofing. Mostly handmade straw takes a lot of time and hard work.

The return to sustainable construction in the construction industry offers new opportunities for the thatch roofers as Joseph and Damjan Rogan from Tdkova. They cover pavilions, old houses and lately new buildings with thatch in Slovenija and other countries.
Every worker leaves his mark on the elaborate roof, these are decorations and finishes that differ. In addition to covering smaller and larger roofs, Drago Škodnik manufactures special houses and feeders which are thatched.
Straw is definitely one of the important sustainable building materials and an excellent insulator at the same time.