Exibition Picturesque Goričko

In 2023, Goričko celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the declaration of the area as a Landscape Park. In 2003, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia recognized Goričko as a special area in Slovenia that is worth preserving and developing human activities in it in a way that is friendly to nature and the people who live here or come to visit. Goričko does not have stunning natural phenomena such as waterfalls and karst caves or rocky alpine peaks, but it has a picturesque cultural landscape, where remnants of wild nature intertwine with cultivated fields, mowed meadows, vineyards and hay-harvested orchards between houses in hamlets and villages. The picturesqueness of Goričko has always inspired artists who express their feelings and visions in words, music and works of art.

This thought guided the preparation of this years exhibitions, which lead us to reflect on whether we are doing the right thing, have we neglected something, or can we improve something?

Goričko in old photos

In the first room on the floor of the Renaissance palace, photos on old postcards are on display, showing Goričko through the lens of photographers Alojz Sbull, Juli Gyul Schönauer, Jože Kološa and others who documented the state of Goričko before and after the Second World War.

Goričko, as Kološa saw it

The showcases contain artistic photographs of landscape scenes as seen by Jože Kološa (*1920 † 1998).

Goričko as a landscape motif for painters

In the second room, there are paintings with landscape motifs by academic painters from Prekmurje from the collection of the Robin gallery in Murska Sobota, and paintings by Nikolaj Beer, this years awardee of the Prešeren Fund, who was born in 1945 in Križevci, Goričko.