Magical Nature

Exibition Magical Nature in Grad Castle

1. 8.– 30. 11. 2022 

The international nature photography contest Magical Nature was organized by National institute of biology as part of the project LIFE NATURAVIVA, Biodiversity – art of life (LIFE16 GIE/SI/000711). Project is co-financed by LIFE, financial instrument of the European Commission for the preservation of the environment, nature protection, mitigation and prevention of climate change and by Ministry of the environment and spatial planning. One of the research areas of National institute of biology (NIB) is biodiversity. For decades, researchers from NIB been have investigating changes in biodiversity. Our research work is done in a way that we can pinpoint causes of those changes. They are diverse, but more or less they all originate from dominant species on the planet, the humans. And since those changes already influence natural processes important for our well-being, we ask more and more frequently, how to stop them. We are convinced that one of the ways is by impressing people, so they start to care about nature more. And for impression, sometimes emotional approach is better than rational reasoning: beauty, colorfulness, cuteness, uniqueness, as well as cruelty, senselessness and short-sightedness of nature destruction, can have bigger impact on people as numbers, charts or words. All those emotions can be found on photographs of this year competition. It is hard to look at them without being affected. (from the catalogue)

The catalogue can be find here.