Summer Cinema ”The Last Ice Hunters”

Summer cinema ”THE LAST ICE HUNTERS” On saturday 7th september 2019, there will be screening of slovenian documentary movie ”The Last Ice Hunters”. The movie tells a story about present generation and community of Inuit people in Greenland, which is rapidly changing due to globalisation and other factors. The cinema is organised by project LIFE Naturaviva.  Screening will start at 20.00 and its free to visit.  Welcome! THE LAST ICE HUNTERS (Official Trailer) from FilmIT on Vimeo.

Summer cinema ”The Undamaged”

Summer cinema ”The Undamaged” Second summer cinema was organised on saturday, 15.6.2019 in MIKK club in Murska Sobota, with the slovenian documentary movie ”The Undamaged”. The movie was created by Rok Rozman, slovenian olympian athlete - kayakist. In the movie he wants to raise awarnes about protecting the last wild rivers in Balkan region, which are endangered by large dams and hydropower plants. There was about 35 visitors on the event.     

Summer cinema ”Tale of a Lake”

Summer cinema on castle yard in Grad 15. august 2019 at 20.00 PM Movie: ”Tale of a Lake” Documentary movie is awarded work, which tells us about ecology of lakes in Finland. There are more than thousand lakes in Finland and narrator perfectly combines mistical and enviromental stories with beautiful picture that goes through all four seasons.   Beginning of screening will be aprox. 20.00. Movie is appropriate for children. Screening is free of charge. Welcome!

Beginning of the Summer Cinemas, starting with ”Home”

“Planet can no longer withstand inexhaustible exploitation of natural resources. Climate, nature and people are at stake. We must find better and more responsible ways to live on our planet.” On European day of parks, 24.5.2019, Public Institute Goričko Nature Park organised first summer cinema that occured on castle yard. First movie ”Home”, was from french director Yann Arthus Bertrand. With excellent panoramic shots and sharp narration, movie ensured that every person started to think about his and collective impact that we leave on Earth.  On screening was more than 65 visitors. Everyone who missed the screening can watch movie on Youtube with the help of following link: