Exhibitions and rooms

Workrooms of hometrade
On the ground floor of the castle, visitors can get acquainted with some traditional hometrade and crafts of the Prekmurje region. Presentation of the traditional distillation, herbalism, weaving and blacksmith trade is enriched with typical accessories and explanation of the prosses. Pottery workrooms of Adolf Hašaj (1941-1993) from Kuzma, wheelwrights master Andrej Holcman (1925-2001) from Ižakovci and the rope maker Friderik Makovac (1908-1990) from Gornji Slaveči are also in its entirely displayed in the castle. The hometrade workrooms were prepared by the Pomurje Museum Murska Sobota. 

Knights Hall
In one of the oldest and largest ground floor rooms, there is a permanent exhibition on the history of the castle and its renovation. The hall also serves as an auditorium for films about the Goričko Nature Park.

Castle Gallery
The largest renovated room on the first floor houses occasional art and natural science exhibitions.

Concert-wedding hall
The modernly equipped multi-purpose venue on the second floor is a place for concerts, receptions, professional conferences and civil weddings. The hall is connected to the salon in the former defensive tower. The towers thickness of the walls, which is more than 3 meters, testifies to the former defensive function of the tower. Modern equipment and direct access to the arcade corridor are perfect for smaller receptions and banquets.

The Kukavica, Upkaš and Vidra nature exhibition rooms offer a presentation of the diverse natural heritage of the mosaic cultural landscape. Each species - orchid (i.e. Kukavica), hoopoe (i.e. Upkaš) and otter (i.e. Vidra) represents one of the most recognizable species in its habitat. The orchid represents the typical plant and animal species of the mosaic cultural landscape of Goričko Nature park and the Natura 2000 site Goričko. High-trunk orchards and their biodiversity is presented in the room "hoopoe", while the last room houses the exhibition on watercourses and their animals.  

Castle chapel
In 1751 the former defensive tower was changed to the castle chapel and the clock tower was added. The exterior of the tower was renovated in 2001. During the renovation of the chapel interior in 2019, hitherto unknown frescoes were discovered. In the foyer of the chapel, a new exhibition on the history of the castle was set up.

Castle wine cellar
One of the cellars with an interesting barrel-vaulted ceiling hosts as a wine cellar for top-quality wines of wineries from Goričko. By prior arrangement, we offer the possibility of wine tasting for visitors and groups by wineries. The offer  of wines in the castle cellar.