Room and equipment rental

The Grad Castle offers you a special atmosphere for different events, such as conferences, seminars, meetings, concerts or weddings.

Concert-wedding hall is a multifunctional hall, suitable for conferences and seminars up to 55 participants. It is located on the second floor of the castle. At the same time we offer rental of the multimedia equipment. The hall is also suitable for different music performance. The hall is equipped with grand piano. Air conditioning is provided.

Hall rental per day: 200,00 EUR with VAT
Multimedia equipment rental per day: 100,00 EUR with VAT. 

Square salon is connected to the concert-wedding hall. Suitable for smaller banquets.
Salon rental per day: 100,00 EUR with VAT.

Castle chapel was renovated in 2018. Suitable for church wedding or music performances.
Castle chapel rental up to max. 2 hours: 100,00 EUR with VAT.

Round salon is located on the first floor of the castle. Venue is suitable for 35 persons for events like conferences, meetings or lectures.
Salon rental per day: 100,00 EUR with VAT.

Knights Hall is one of the oldest rooms in Grad Castle. It is located on the ground floor and it is suitable for events (lectures, conferences) up to 60 participants. The hall has projector and projection screen.
Hall rental per hour: 25,00 EUR with VAT
Hall rental per day: 150,00 EUR with VAT

Castle wine cellar is well stocked with wines from Goričko.
Cellar rental per hour: 20,00 EUR with VAT
Cellar rental per day: 100,00 EUR with VAT