Marič Restaurant

  MGM Kontor and Marič RestaurantMarjan Marič s.p.Sebeborci 46a, 9221 Martjanci T:+386 (0)2 538 14 90Fax +386 (0)2 538 14 91M: +386 (0)41 547 037E: info@gostilna-maric.siW:

Restaurant and pizzeria Raj

RAJSAR FERENCEK Lidija s.p.Grad 181, 9264 GradT: ++386(0)2 553 11 48M: ++386 (0)41 705 078 W: The restaurant Raj is a family restaurant with long tradition dating back in 1965. Today the reastaurant is managed by Lidija, which is daughter in third generation.  The restaurant is located in the center of the Grad village, just under the biggest castle in Slovenia. Few meters from the restaurant the chatolic church of Marys Assumption is located with the statue of saint Mary from the 1520. Also in the nearby is the Vulkanija, an adventure center, which shows geological features of a volcano that was on this site more that 3 milion year ago.  In the restaurant you can order many of tradional dishes of Goričko and Prekmurje. It is possible also to preorder dishes for the biger groups, caterings, meetings and celebrations. The restaurant also has and acces for handicaped and parking lot for campers.  The restaurant is registered in Collective mark of Nature Park Goričko.   

The restaurant by Lujza

Emil Laslo s.p. Dobrovnik 273a, 9223 Dobrovnik T: 00386 (0)2 579 90 06M: 00386(0)41 773 350E: gostilna@prilujzi.siW:

The Urisk Winery

Strehovske gorice 1109223 DobrovnikM: ++386(0)41 411 714E:urisk@amis.netW: On the southeastern part of Goričko, in the Municipality of Dobrovnik there is Uris Vinerie. In the Strehovci village, just a few hundred meters north from main road you will find it in the renovated and more than 200 years old traditional pannonian house. In the near area there is Dobrovnik, Bukovnica lake, Plečniks church in Bogojina an several others touristic destinations. In the Urisk Vinerie you can try vine degustation of several homemade vines from several different sorts. If you call in advance you can even order some local dishes.  For groups they also organise tourist guiding among local tourist atractions.  Presentation video:

Tourist farm Tremel

Branko Tremel Bokrači 28, 9201 Puconci T: ++386 (0)2 545 10 17E: info@kmetija-tremel.siW:

Gjerkeš Wines

  Gjerkeš vinesFikšinci 49, 9262 Rogaševci T: ++386 (0)2 720 02 05, ++386 (0)2 558 86 20M: ++386(0)41 632 125E: info@vina-gjerkes.comW: The motto of the Gjerkeš family is ”Superior vines for fine moments from Goričko”. Gjerkeš vineyards are located in Fikšinci on the western part of Goričko, near Austrian border. Their vines are known for fresh taste and explicit sort features. They also received several quality awards. 

Tourist farm Kozelin

Anton GombocGerlinci 130 9261 Cankova T:++386(0)2 540 12 37M:++386 (0)41 563 838E: F: On the farm you can attend the degustation of their own vines, you can order cold dishes with homebaked bread, homemade meat products like ”tlačenka” with pumpkin oil and sausages and also ”štruklji” of different kind. By reguest they also organize picnics in the summertime.  In the nearby there is also a small tower, from which is a nice view on the nearby hills of Slovenia, Austria and Croatia. 

Marof Winery

Panvita Marof d.o.o.Mačkovci 359202 Mačkovci T: +386 (0)2 55 61 810Fax +386 (0)2 55 61 831E: info@marof.euW: The winery Marof orginates back in 1905, when Hungarian family Szapary here established a farm with hunting and winery objects. Today the Marof Winery is known for high techonolgy production, the sense for tradition and clear vision. The modern architecture is elegantly connected with landscape. On site you can enjoy the taste of excellent vines and beautiful panoramic views in the centre of the Nature park Goričko. 

VINOvak - Novak Wines

Ernest NovakVaneča 15c, 9201 Puconci M: 031703602E: In the vineyards on he first ridges of southern Goričko, in the village of Vaneča the family Novak cultivate more than 11000 of vine trees. With several different sorts they also make typical wine ”Goričanec” (Goričko man) which is ideal for making traditional Prekmurje špricer (spritzer). They are known for several extraordinary vines which include ice wine, late harvest, strawberry selection and others). Novak wines were awarded many times, served and used as gifts for important goverment guests. The family offers also guided multilingual tour around the wine cellar and the production of wine making. Also the site of the cellar offers nice panoramic views on the sorounding hills of Slovenia and Austria. 

Šumak wines

  Šumak Jože Vaneča 84a, 9201 Puconci M: 041 237 241E: The Winery Šumak produces quality wines of many varieties. Their cellar is located in the Dolina village. Most known product is wine Goričanec in 1 l bottle. Other variety wines such as Muscat Ottonel, Sauvignion, Chardonnay and Riesling are available in 0,75 l bottles.  

Tourist farm Zelko

Pečarovci 114/a9202 Mačkovci T: ++386(0)2 551 13 18    ++386(0)2 551 11 18E: The Zelko farm is located in Pečarovci village, on a small hill in the middle of a vineyards. They offer several experiences to discover. The most know tradition of the Zelko family is the craft of pottery. Recenty they also developed a winery and tourist farm on which they offer traditional dishes in homemade pottery. If you call in advance they can also prepare the pottery course in which you can learn the process of making pottery products. On the yard you can also ask for permission to park and sleep in a recreational wehicle. 

Wines Alfred Šebjanič

Alfred Šebjanič T: ++386 (0)2 526 15 03M: ++386 (0)31 447 245

Wines Bela Küzmič

Bela Küzmič Veščica 4/h9000 Murska Sobota

Wines Alojz Grah

Alojz GrahGerlinci 3 9261 Cankova T: ++386 (0)2 540 90 90M: ++386 (0)41 714 743

Wines Nemec

Vinogradništvo - vinarstvo Anton Nemec Nuskova 31 a 9262 Rogašovci T: ++386 (0)2 557 12 30M: ++386 (0)40 854 442



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