The castle Grad stands on a steep hill of basaltic tuff above the Grad settlement. According old tales, the Knights Templar began its construction. Over the course of eight centuries, a large pentagonal castle structure was build, which is today considered one of the largest baroque castles in Slovenia. Following attacks by the Turks, peasants and rebellious farmers, the castle got its baroque image with multi-level arcade corridors, a castle chapel and a bell tower. Elements of other periods, from Romanesque, are skillfully included in the castle complex and reflect the wealth if its owners.  Forgotten among mighty trees of the castle park, its defies the time over 800 years. Decade has passed since the Goričko Nature Park Public Institute began to manage the castle. The renovated premises are intended for the presentation of the natural and cultural landscape, as well as presentation of the historical and ethnological heritage of Goričko. 


Visitor centre

Visit of the castle complex is great opportunity to travel to the past and explore natural and cultural sights of Gor...



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