Offer for visitors in the Grad castle

For an unforgettable visit of the Grad castle we offer for you guided tours, special programs for school groups and events through hole year. Our castle shop is richly stocked with collective brand product Krajinski park Goričko, souvenirs and literature.

An individual tour of the castle
If you decide to explore the castle individually, look for a flyer in the visitor centre which contains short history of the castle and offer overview. For detailed individual visit of the castle, you can use audio guides and find out interesting stories and facts on 28 points.
You can walk through exhibitions, ethnological workshops, natural science rooms, chapel with historical exhibition in anteroom. Upper courtyard offers a view on hole complex and amazes with the size. Take a stroll through the castle park, who with the mighty shadows of the tulip trees, red beeches and plane trees offers a place to relax.

Guided tour for groups
Visitor Groups are exploring the castle in company of a guide, who can tell the most interesting parts of the castle history and stories from the life of former residents. Guided tour in English language lasts 1 hour and 30 min and includes also short movie presentation of Goričko Nature park, guidance through exhibitions and conclusion in the Visitor centre.

Offer for families
The imagination of the youngest visitors of the castle will be stormed by the legend about the dragon Kač, who is waiting in one of the rooms. A children’s corner with colouring sheets and games for individual fun are waiting in the black kitchen. In the shadow of the hundred-year-old trees in the castle park you will find children playground. It offers place for play and fun. The castle also offers accommodation possibility, then one day is not enough to explore the castle and possible to spend the night in the one of the four castle bedrooms.

Offer for school groups
We offer interpretative guidance for students. By solving tasks and playing games they travel through time in the time of tales and mysteries.

Products of the collective brand Krajinski park Goričko
In the Visitors Centre is a small castle shop with products of the collective brand Krajinski park Goričko. We offer local produced pumpkin oil, fruit juices and jams, spirits, wines, chocolates, various seeds, gingerbread products… You can choose from a wide collection of unique handicrafts, refreshing drinks and ice-creams.

Information about attractions of natural and cultural heritage
Exploring the nature park will be easier with help of an map, where all the information every traveller need are collected. In our visitor centre you will get information about tourist offer of Pomurje region, southern Burgenland region in Austria and Slovenian Porabje region in Hungary. Various thematic guides, literature, event calendar, current happenings and events in Pomurje region and information about local producers are available in different languages.

Rent a trekking bike
To continue exploring the surrounding of the castle we offer 10 trekking bikes for free rental. You can rent 4 man bikes (one of each size 17’’ and 21’’, two size19’’) and 6 woman bikes (three of them are size 17’’, three 19’’). For the safe ride you need your own helmets.

The visit of the Grad castle and Goričko Nature park can be an unforgettable experience!



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