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Farm products

Valentina Ceruga and Vančo Lazarovski – farm cheese factory Gorički raj

Valentina Šeruga and Vančo Lazarovski – farm cheese factory Gorički raj

Valentina Šeruga and Vančo Lazarovski
Kmečka sirarna Gorički raj
Ratkovci 20 a
9207 Prosenjakovci

Telephone: +386 (0)31 777 436
e-mail: vanco.lazarovski@siol.net

In July 2010 the first farm cheese factory in Goričko started to work at fire house in Ratkovci. With it we want to preserve and encourage livestock farms in Nature Park Goričko to maintain the tradition of feeding the animals with hay and grazing. Still more with project Landscape in harmony we want to preserve grasslands as an important habitat for butterflies and other pollinators, which are important in the production of many kinds of foods without using chemicals and fertilizers.

With the help of cheese factory equipment owned by the Public Institute Nature Park Goričko sheep, goat and cow milk can be turned into cheese as final products and to spice up culinary offer in Goričko and beyond. Thus customers support landscape conservation and development by purchasing of non-traditional Goričko products.

Cheese factory manager Valentina Šeruga Lazarovski offers several types of dairy products, namely:

  • soft cheeses made from sheep, goat and cow milk (during the winter only cow cheese can be bought)
  • semi-hard cheeses
  • yogurt
  • sour cream
  • cottage cheese
  • albumin-curd
  • whey

You can buy products at cheese factory in Ratkovci on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 8.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m.

On Fridays and Saturdays the cheese factory is closed. Therefore you are welcome to buy products at stall of the food market in Murska Sobota.

On Sunday the cheese factory is open between 8.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m.

In case of group reception you are kindly asked to agree in advance by calling Valentina Šeruga Lazarovski on telephone number +386 31 777 436
 or send her an e-mail on: vanco.lazarovski@siol.net.  

Gorički raj
house in Ratkovci with cheese factory
goats and sheeps
also cows
Valentina in shop
cheese with pumpkin oil
on the food market in M.Sobota

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