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K 2 – Northern Route


Calovci–Gornji Petrovci – 60 km

This route can be started at various places – Hodo±, Calovci, Gornji Petrovci, or anywhere in between... Our route begins in Ivanj±evci and leads towards Domanj±evci, where you will find interesting Evangelical and Catholic churches. The route continues at the edge of the village towards Krplivnik, passing over fields and through forests with a slight climb and descent.

You may encounter deer and some of the many pheasants along the way. In Krplivnik you can visit the ethnographic museum and quench your thirst at the natural spring, which produces pure drinking water. A modern overpass will take you across the railroad tracks at Hodo±. In Hodo± you can see the Evangelical church, try the local wine and rest by the Hodo± lake, where you will be greeted by swans and perhaps even otters. From there the route leads along the dirt road which leads along the edge of the forest to Dolenci and on to Budinci, and from there to Markovci and through the valley of the Velika Krka to Čepinci.

In Markovci you can stop at the Rido-Lenar±ič mill and perhaps get a bite to eat. From Čepinci you climb up Cpic breg hill and descend along a forest trail to the Lenarčič mill in Neradnovci. The route then leads through Culinci over short and easy up and downs, and on up to Gornji Petrovci. Here you can see the Church of the Holy Trinity on Nedeljski breg hill, which is both Evangelical and Catholic, and which affords a wonderful view. In Gornji Petrovci you cross the railroad tracks again. The route takes you over ups and downs to Kriµevci, where there is a 700 year old chestnut tree on Tetajni breg hill which is well worth a visit, and leads through orchards and vineyards to Kančevci. From here a view opens out onto the Prekmurje plain. The route continues past churches and the Spiritual Center in Ratkovci, where you can sample the honey cakes the honey cakes at Joµica Celec’s honey shop.

In Berkovci you can see Časar’s mill, and in Ivanj±evci you will be welcomed by Kozic the beekeeper, who will show you his beehives and beeswax products and offer you a taste of mead.
You can also take a short-cut through Markovci and Domanj±evci to Calovci (the refurbished Frim well can be seen in the Frim forest). The route leads through shady forests, over rolling hills which lead up and down and past the excursion farm in Calovci, where you can rest, refresh yourself and see the interesting farm animals.

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